About Nano4Security

Nano4Security will be of great added value to the safety in The Netherlands. Technical innovations can be tested in an early stage to check the expected product safety, impact on the environment and health, and the social capacity.

Specific challenges

Security becomes a more important point of focus in our future. How can we take control of the continuing digital advances and how do we prevent unsecured data to fall into the wrong hands?

How can we protect ourselves in the future against terrorist biochemical warfare? As citizens, can we keep a grip on the large amount of medical data that is generated in larger quantities? Can we protect our own DNA coding? How do we deal with food safety? In a lot of these cases nanotechnologies provide the solution.

Nanophotonic data encryption plays an important role, as well as biosensors that can identify a virus or microorganisms much faster. However, in the future we might see nano-inside handheld DNA tests or new nano coatings that protect surfaces from bacteria.

Examples of solutions in Nano4Health will follow soon.

Benefits & applications

Nano forensic research: the development of nano sensors, for example in DNA profiling and nano based detection sensors for the detection of minuscule amounts of relevant substances in traces. Nano for food safety: for consumer health and food security, for  sufficient food and to prevent waste.

Nano for safe clothing: the development of protective clothing against aggressive substances and weather conditions that comply with the current health and safety regulations. Nano and fraud: development of methods for the identification and authentication characteristics on products. Nano-based solutions for track and trace of products and the technology to protect sensitive communication, for example through quantum communication.

Nano-enabled quantum security: Secure internet. Nano for safety in traffic and in the living work environment. To make optimal use of new materials to make processes more efficient and to combine functionalities. The development of methods and instruments to do on sight readings for undesirable substances or products.

Nanotechnology is the key technology at the basis of a lot of these innovations in the security sector.

More information

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