What is Nano4Society?

Nano4Society applies nanotechnology within the ecosystem to develop solutions for major social transitions and creating social impact and economic value. It does this by maintaining a well-functioning ecosystem with state-of-the-art nano-infrastructure, enabling fundamental and applied research through programs. Also, by helping companies to bring innovations to the market more quickly.

As a result, the Netherlands is able to occupy a top position within the ecosystem at an international level and to play a strong role in shaping the transitions around care, security, energy and agriculture, water and food.



Nano4Society’s partners are companies, universities, knowledge institutes and university medical centres, all using micro and nanotechnology to create new solutions.



Nanotechnology experts from academia and industry collaborate to develop new technology for innovative solutions and together train over 200 highly skilled young scientists.




The total investment in nanotechnology is expected to be 210 M€ in 2021. This number is comprised of public and private investment in nanotechnology solutions.



The approximately 8000 employees working in nano-related High Tech-SME’s that provide products and services would not have come about without the key enabling technology nanotechnology.

Our challenge

Nanotechnology is a key enabling technology, that is applied to many societal challenges that we see under the 4 main Nano4Society themes. It is not the end product, but an important part that enables the end product to work. In the nanotechnology ecosystem, science and industry partners collaborate to find solutions to these challenges.

Nano4Society themes

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