On 9 November 2016 a Safe-by-Design workshop was organised by NanoNextNL and RIVM. The aim of the workshop was to explore what Safe-by-Design could yield. The concept of Safe-by-Design aims to integrate safe manufacturing, safe production and responsible waste management in the research and technical development during the innovation process at the earliest possible. The participants of the workshop agreed on the importance of Safe-by-Design whereby a timely dialogue between relevant stakeholders is started early on in the innovation process. Speakers included experts from the I&M ministry, RIVM, start-ups and TNO (see the programme, in Dutch only).

Safe-by-Design as a safety net

Participants also stated that Safe‐by‐Design should provide a safety net for several stakeholders, such as:
• for innovators to avoid confrontation with regulatory issues later on in the process
• for investors and insurers to minimize uncertainty about health risks
• for regulators to minimize casualties
• for society to provide access to safe products.

The participants highly valued the workshop and a follow-up is considered to be very useful.
More details of the lively and constructive discussions between policy makers, researchers and nanotech companies & start-ups can be found in the report Safe-by-Design workshop November 2016.

Infographic Safe-by-Design

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Report Safe-by-Design workshop November 2016

Programme Safe-by-Design workshop November 2016 (in Dutch only)