Nanotechnology community


NanoLabNL is the Dutch national facility for research and development in nano technology. The facilities, laboratories, knowledge and network in nanotech make NanoLabNL the ideal starting point for research, development and production on an atomic scale.

The NanoLabNL facilities are an important link in the innovation process from basic idea to product. Whether it is commercial or public domain, NanoLabNL supports fundamental research, process and product development and, to some extent, small-scale production.

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Universities and institutes

The Dutch technical universities and universities of applied sciences are part of the infrastructure for nanotechnology. For educating students and future employees as well as for fundamental and applied research and collaboration in public private partnerships.

Parties involved in NanoNextNL


Medical Centres

Industry association

In the Netherlands, part of the infrastructure for nanotechnology is made up from SME and multinational industry, also including spinouts from university and sales offices from international companies.

Trade association MinacNed

MinacNed is the trade association for micro- and nanotechnology with the aim of strengthening economic activity based on microsystems and nanotechnology. The members consist of research institutes, the manufacturing industry, suppliers, integrators and end-users of products and services that are made possible by, or make use of, micro and/or nanotechnology.

The core activities of MinacNed contribute to providing a platform for sustainable economic and social value creation and the provision of an ecosystem for researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers. This platform is created by organizing events and the international MicroNanoConference for the members.
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