Sieger Swaving

Board member

ir. Sieger Swaving

Project Manager at Philips Engineering Solutions


Sieger Swaving received his MSc in physics (cum laude) at the University of Twente in Enschede. In 1985 he joined Philips Research, where he worked on semiconductor process characterization and transistor modelling. Subsequently, he held managerial positions within several Philips businesses, ranging from R&D to engineering and manufacturing in the fields of CRT, LCD and OLED. In 2005 he returned to Philips Research and later on to Philips Innovation Services to lead a technology supporting group on device processing, assembly and prototyping covering a very broad application area from displays and LED lighting to microfluidics and minimally invasive medical instruments. Presently he is working in the MEMS & Micro Devices department of Philips Engineering Solutions where his focus is on program management, business networking and public private partnership programs.

Ambition for Nano4Society next 5 years:

Strengthen the awareness that micro- and nanotechnology is not only an exciting field to work in but also a critical enabler for societal relevant applications and that a close link between academic research and industrial development is key for successful implementation.