The concept of Safe-by-Design aims to integrate safe manufacturing, safe production and responsible waste management in the innovation process at the earliest possible. Safe-by-Design requires a timely dialogue between relevant stakeholders. Within NanoNextNL  the concept of Safe-by-Design was further developed within the Risk Analysis and Technology Assessment theme (RATA) and applied in the Valorisation Programme.

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Safe-by-Design tools for research and development

NanoNextNL developed unique Safe-by-Design tools ready for application in research and development:

  • Safe-by-Design tools for researchers and technology developers
  • Safe-by-Design tools for starting entrepreneurs
  • Safe-by-Design tools for entrepreneurs
  • Safe-by-Design tools for interaction with society

Safe-by-Design tools for researchers and technology developers

Technology assessment tools for researchers and technology developers: Toolbox Constructive Technology Assessment

With these tools insights into the economic, societal, ethical and legal aspects can be gained at an early stage in the development process. The tools are classified according to the development stage and applications. For more information:

Safe-by-Design tool for starting entrepreneurs

As part of the NanoNextNL Valorisation Programme business case owners have been asked to perform a Safety and Society Check.

Risk levels for safety and society are indicated with arrows based on expertise of business case owners and an independent expert; left for safety and right for society.

Starting entrepreneurs used the following questionnaire to execute the Safety and Society Check : RATA questionnaire Valorisation Programme (pdf)

Safe-by-Design tools for entrepreneurs

The Golden Egg Check, an online tool used within the NanoNextNL Valorisation Programme, was extended with risk analysis and technology assessment.

Entrepreneurs used the following questionnaire for a Safety and Society Check as part of the Golden Egg Check: RATA questionnaire Valorisation Programme (pdf)

Safe-by-Design tools for interaction with society

Safe-by-Design intends to stimulate representatives from business, science, government and civil society to discuss societal responses and challenges tot nanotechnology. The Societal Incubator is used as an experimental tool to explore the sentiments of involved stakeholders and is under construction.

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