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Valorisation Programme reviewed as highly innovative

The NanoNextNL Valorisation Programme being part of the larger NanoNextNL Research Programme, ran for three years and was reviewed and assessed positively by the Technopolis Group. The innovative aspects cited in the report Evaluation Valorisation Programme NanoNextNL are: tooling to develop and assess business cases the stage-gate approach the coaching and training […]


Safe-by-Design tools for research and development

The concept of Safe-by-Design aims to integrate safe manufacturing, safe production and responsible waste management in the innovation process at the earliest possible. Safe-by-Design requires a timely dialogue between relevant stakeholders. Within NanoNextNL  the concept of Safe-by-Design was further developed within the Risk Analysis and Technology Assessment theme (RATA) and applied in the Valorisation […]

Holland High Tech handelsmissie ontvangt Special Award tijdens Nano Tech Expo in Japan

Van 13-17 februari 2017 bracht een delegatie van NanoNextNL-partners een bezoek aan Tokio, in samenwerking met het Innovatie-netwerk van de Nederlandse ambassade en ondersteund door Holland High Tech. De eerste dag op de ambassade omvatte een drukbezochte persconferentie met Japanse journalisten, gevolgd door een matchmaking door de in Tokio actieve […]


Enabling responsible research and innovation with the CTA toolbox

A recently developed toolbox for Constructive Technology Assessment (CTA) makes it possible to consider certain aspects of research and innovation at an early stage. By integrating the economic, societal, ethical and legal aspects early in the development process the technological uptake and societal embedding will be increased. By using the […]

Holland High Tech nanotechnology delegation visits Japan

From 13-17 February a Holland High Tech trade delegation will visit Japan. The Dutch delegation with a focus on nanotechnology will be present at the international Nano Tech Expo 2017 in Tokio and get introduced to Japanese companies, investors and press at the Dutch embassy. The delegation comprises 14 organisations […]


Societal incubator stimulates successful introduction of innovation

Recently the Rathenau Instituut published the report ‘Van draagvlak naar meer – Ontwerp van een maatschappelijke incubator voor beloftevolle (nano)technologieën’ which deals with the concept of a societal incubator. The idea behind a societal incubator is how to connect safe and responsible use to innovation and engineering. Within NanoNextNL the idea of […]

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Safe-by-Design workshop: start early dialogue in innovation process

On 9 November 2016 a Safe-by-Design workshop was organised by NanoNextNL and RIVM. The aim of the workshop was to explore what Safe-by-Design could yield. The concept of Safe-by-Design aims to integrate safe manufacturing, safe production and responsible waste management in the research and technical development during the innovation process […]

Nanotechnology in everyday life and in the future

Dave Blank (chair NanoNextNL) in RTL Toekomstmakers: ‘If the Netherlands stays at the top in nanotechnology it will be in a position to jointly determine the acceptable risks of nanotechnology’. Nanotechnology is one of the most promising technologies. A recent episode of the Dutch TV programme Toekomstmakers highlights the role […]